Public Solicitations Notice

Public Solicitations/Advertising in District Facilities

Sweet Springs R-VII has designated a Community Events table and location where information regarding non-profit community events targeting students and parents may be posted or otherwise advertised.  All groups fitting this description will be allowed to submit advertising to be placed at the designated location during the dates and times listed below.  Such advertising must be provided to the building principal first and must clearly state that the district does not sponsor or endorse the information.  Per Board Policy KI, The district may control the content of advertising as allowed by the law.  Minimally, advertisement on district property or at district events may not include information or materials that:

  1. Are obscene to minors.
  2. Are libelous.
  3. Are pervasively indecent or vulgar (secondary schools) or contain any indecent or vulgar language (elementary schools)
  4. Advertise any product or service not permitted to minors by law.
  5. Constitute insulting or fighting words, the very expression of which injuries or harasses other people (e.g., threats of violence, defamation of character or a person’s race, religion or national origin).
  6. Present a clear and present likelihood that, either because of their content or their manner of distribution, they will cause a material and substantial disruption of the proper and orderly operation and discipline of the school or school activities or will cause the commission of unlawful acts or the violation of lawful school procedures.