4th Grade FAQ

Frequently Ask Questions

When does Book It start?

Starts in October. To earn this your child will need to read 4 AR books at or above their reading level. Then they will need to pass an AR test (Sadly passing on this program is a 60%, I wish I could change it and make it higher). They are required to read 4 books anyway before they can attend Great Escape.

What is my child’s reading level?

This will vary from student to student. Each month the students take the STAR reader test. Reading levels are based on these results. Hopefully, your child’s reading level will increase as the year goes on, but for most students as long as they are reading a 4.0 level book I will accept it!   I will attach a separate document with your child’s current level and username/password information for all of our online items. Please keep this handy.

How do I know if my child’s books are AR BOOKS?

You can do three things.

1) Visit my useful links tab on my school webpage. Look for Home Connect. On this website you are able to check and see what books your child has taken an Accelerated Reader (AR) test over.

2) Go to http://www.arbookfind.com/

3) If you don’t have internet access send the title and author to school and your child can look it up.

What are AR points?

AR points are earned by taking AR tests at school. If your child meets the quarterly goals they will earn a prize. AR points can be built up reading ANY level book!

1st Qtr- 20 points 2nd Qtr.- 40  points 3rd Qtr-  60 points 4th Qtr.-  80 points


Where can my child read these books?

ANYWHERE!!!! READ, READ, READ! I actually encourage that your child reads at home every night (I know schedules get busy and that’s why I don’t do reading logs), but please make an attempt to have them read.. When they do read a book at home, just have them write down the title/author and they can take an AR the next day when they have time.

How do I know if books are AR on the book orders?

On most of the book orders it will say under the description of the book the AR level, if it is an AR book. Otherwise choose one of the methods mentioned above.

Directions for viewing online test scores:

Pearson Math and Social Studies:  https://www.pearsonrealize.com/

·        Log in with your child’s username/ password

·        Click on Classes

·        Find the tab that says Completed- click on it

o   This will show you all your child’s completed online assignments

·        Click on the test you want to view (this last one was Topic 1 Test 1)

·        From here you can see which questions they got wrong/right and the number of points for each questions. You can also view each individual question.

Think Central- Reading/Grammar/ Science  https://www-k6.thinkcentral.com

·        Log in with your child’s username/ password

·        Click on My Scores

o   Once here you may have to change the grade to 2nd grade on the upper right hand side

·        Under Title you will see the names of each test your child has taken.

·        Click on the test you want to view (the last one was week 3)

·        From here you can see which questions they got wrong/right and the number of points for    each question. You can also view each individual question by clicking on the blue arrow.