School Wide Title 1 Program

Sweet Springs R-VII Elementary

School Wide Title 1 Program



The Sweet Springs Elementary School envisions the highest level of success for every individual.  As such, the district makes the commitment to motivate, to challenge, and to inspire our students to do their very best.  To accomplish this, parents, students, and teachers need to work together to achieve the desired outcome of high student performance as outlined in the Missouri Learning Standards.  The Sweet Springs R-VII Elementary School is a School Wide Title 1 Program. 

What is Title 1?  It is the largest federal aid program in our nation’s schools.

What are Title 1 funds used for? Title 1 funds are used to pay for Title 1 Teacher(s) salaries and our Preschool staff salaries. 

What services are available through Title 1?  Extra literacy support for any students as needed through our small group intervention time.  Title 1 services are offered Monday-Thursday weekly for Kindergarten through Sixth grade students. 

What screenings are utilized to assist in identifying students for Title 1 support? We look at how a child performs on the DIBELs and STAR.  We use teacher recommendation, parent recommendation, and current academic performance in the classroom to determine needs in the area of reading.

What types of resources and programs are utilized during Title 1 Instruction? Our title staff use Leveled Literacy Intervention, Wilson Reading System, and Literature sets. 

How are parents notified of progress in Title 1?  Quarterly progress reports are sent home.

Where can I get more information about Title 1 Services?  At Sweet Springs Elementary, contact, Connie Dohrman, Clarissa Huston, or Melanie Davis- 660-335-6348 or by emailing [email protected].  Additional information located on our school website at under the Elementary tab click on Title 1 Program.

What specific information has been sent home during enrollment at this school?

We believe that a strong partnership with parents and guardians is vital to our students succeeding in school.  Please know that our Parental Involvement Plan, NCLB Complaint Procedures, and Parents-Right-to-Know information is located in our District Student/Parent Handbook that every family received upon enrollment.  The School-Home compact defines specific parent, teacher, and student suggestions that positively impact each child’s ability to learn and progress to the best of his or her ability.  The School-Home compacts were included in our enrollment packet. 

Where can I view the School Wide Title 1 Plan?  Our specific school plan is available on our website at under the Elementary tab click on Title 1 Program.


The mission of Sweet Springs R-VII Elementary is to provide an educational environment which will encourage students to realize their potential and to serve as a resource for the community in promoting lifelong learning experiences.