Student/Parent/School Compact

Sweet Springs R-VII Elementary

Title 1 Student/Parent/School Compact



The Sweet Springs Elementary School envisions the highest level of success for every individual.  As such, the district makes the commitment to motivate, to challenge, and to inspire our students to do their very best.  To accomplish this, parents, students, and teachers need to work together achieve the desired outcome of high student performance as outlined in the Missouri Learning Standards.  The Sweet Springs R-VII Compact was developed through the combined work of the parents of participating students, administrator, and teachers.  Please read the Compact with your child reinforcing the importance of everyone working together to better the education of your child.  Please sign and return to your child’s teacher. 

What is Title 1?  It is the largest federal aid program in our nation’s schools.

What services are available through Title 1?  Tutorial-provides extra literacy support for students as needed through our small group instruction.   In-class- provides extra help during regular classroom time when appropriate.

Where can I get more information about Title 1 Services?  At Sweet Springs Elementary, contact Stephanie Crank or Melanie Davis- 660-335-6348.  Additional information located on our school website at under the Handbooks tab.

Parent Suggestions

I will do my personal best to:

  1. Read to your child.
  2. Set good examples. Let your child see you read newspapers, magazines, or books. Write letters, make grocery lists or a diary.
  3. Make sure they are in school every day possible.
  4. Supervise the completion of student homework.
  5. Be aware of my child’s extracurricular time and activities.
  6. Limit screen time.
  7. Praise efforts and improvements.
  8. Attend at least one parent/teacher conference for each of my children and attend at least two school family nights/concerts.
  9. Attend the Spring Title 1 Parent meeting in March.
  10. Serving, to the extent possible, on Advisory Committees and volunteering in my child’s classroom.
  11. Stay informed about my child’s education by reading all communications from the school and responding appropriately.


Student Responsibilities


I will do my personal best to:


  1. Attend school every day possible.
  2. Be respectful, responsible, and safe.
  3. Return my homework completed and on time.
  4. Follow the school rules.
  5. Follow the classroom rules.
  6. Respect other people and the community.



School Responsbilities


I will do my personal best to:


  1. Provide a safe and positive learning environment where your child will be responsible for his/her own behavior and learning.
  2. Follow the curriculum designed for your student within our School Wide Title 1 program.
  3. Take into account the individual strengths and learning styles of your child.
  4. Help your child follow the school and classroom rules.
  5. Keep you informed of your child’s progress on a regular basis.
  6. Schedule parent/teacher conferences to accommodate parent’s schedule.
  7. Help you with how you can help your child at home.
  8. Assign homework and record the return for homework.
  9. Provide parents opportunities to volunteer and participate in their child’s class and school related functions.



 The mission of Sweet Springs R-VII Elementary is to provide an educational environment which will encourage students to realize their potential and to serve as a resource for the community in promoting lifelong learning experiences.