Graduation Requirements
SSR-7 High School Guidance - Graduation Requirements

Sweet Springs High School Graduation Requirements

English - 4

Math - 3

Science - 3*

Social Studies - 3 (1 unit American History, .5 American Government)

Fine Art - 1 (Instrumental/vocal music, or art course)

Practical Art - 1 (FACS, Business, or Ag Class)

Health - .5

Personal Finance - .5

Additional Core - 1 (Any of the above)

Physical Education - 1

Electives - 10.5

      Total of 28.5 units

* A student that completes 3 units of Ag Science may have 1 unit of the Science requirements waived. The 3 units must include Ag I & Ag II. The thrid unit must be selected from the following courses: Natural Resource Conservation, Greenhouse, or Animal/Food Science.

Admission Requirements to 4 year Universities

English - 4
Math - 3 (Algebra 1 and higher)
    * MU requires 4 Math Units

Science - 3 (One must be a laboratory course)

Social Studies - 3

Fine Art - 1

Foreign Language - 2 (Same language) Strongly recommended by most Universities and is required by MU

Other Electives (Varies by University and is comprised of English, math, science, social studies, fine arts & foreign language)

Each University has a minimum ACT score requirement for automatic admission. If you do not meet the automatic admission requirements, each University also has a selection index based on ACT score/GPA/Class Rank.

** This is not all inclusive. Please visit the web site of the specific University you are considering to view their admissions policy.