SSR-7 High School Guidance - Financial Aid and Planning

Financial Aid and Planning

This calendar will help guide your student month by month for what needs to be done to work their way towards graduation as well as planning what is to come beyond graduation whether that be college, career, tech education, or employment.
Senior Planning Calendar

Please note that the link to the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) information is very important! The FAFSA needs to be completed to determine if you qualify for Financial Aid (also is a requirement for A+ Eligibility).
  • Application opens every year on October 1st.
  • Complete using your prior year's tax information. For example, if you are completing the FAFSA that opened October 1, 2022, then you would use your submitted 2021 tax information.
  • Use the 'IRS Retrieval Tool' and enter your address EXACTLY as it appears on your tax form.
  • Contact the Finance Office of the college your student is considering attending for any specific questions you may have.

To complete the FAFSA you and your child must each have a FSA ID.
  • If you are creating your child’s ID for them, make sure that you are using their email address not yours.
  • Keep this ID for future use since you will need it each year to complete a FAFSA each new school year.
  • If you have multiple children then the parent ID will be used for every child but each child must have their own ID.
Create a FAFSA ID

You may check these sites for additional free scholarships:
Fast Web
My Scholarship Central

Student loan and college planning information and scholarship search.
  • Click on “student loan” tab and “college planning” tab for links to lots of information!
Sallie Mae