SSR-7 High School Guidance - Resource Page Some scholarships are updated yearly by committees and will be distributed as paper copies.
  • Seniors should continue checking their scholarship folder in Mrs. Weber's office to ensure they are receiving all available scholarships.
Some scholarships require students to be pursuing a particular area of study.
  • These scholarship applications will be distributed to seniors who have expressed their interest in pursuing that specific major/career.

The scholarships listed below are available as a fillable pdf and need to be turned back into Mrs. Weber before the due date.

Scholarship Application Recommendations
  • Ask for recommendation letters immediately.
    • These require time to be completed so be courteous to those you are asking for a recommendation and ask for one several days prior to the application due date.
  • Plan on giving Mrs. Weber the completed scholarship 1 week prior to the due date.
    • This will allow time for Mrs. Weber to complete any information required from her.
    • Please do not turn the application in at 3 pm on the date it is due.
  • Proofread the application before you submit it.
  • Review to ensure all required documentation is included.

Due Date March 8 2023

Due Date March 22 2023  to Mrs. Weber

Due Date April 1 2023

Due Date April 15 2023  (Must be postmarked by)

Due Date April 30 2023

CTA Dual Credit Scholarship - Due Date is April 13 2023